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Brooklyn Photography - Brooklyn Bridge

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Brooklyn Photography

A love for Brooklyn Photography

Photography, especially Street Photography can be fascinating in many locations, but there is something special about Brooklyn NYC. Photography of Brooklyn depicts classic charm competing with modern chic. The grittiness of Brooklyn can be seen in the grain of a black and white photograph with the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in the background.  This passion and love for Brooklyn Photography is the inspiration behind the BrooklyNYC ® Photography and Fine Art Gallery.

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A Love Grows in Brooklyn

A person with an interest in photography can easily start out by taking pictures of their surroundings. This is what the featured visual artist at BrooklyNYC ® Photography, Daniel A. Norman did at the age of nine in the late 80’s. In the streets of Brooklyn, Norman started discovering Brooklyn Photography. Grown out of a love for everything Brooklyn and everything NYC, BrooklyNYC ® was created in 2006. The feature artist, Daniel Norman’s main focus is Brooklyn Photography and Street Photography in New York. These are the primary Photography prints available in the BrooklyNYC ® Photography Shop.  Black and white images of Brooklyn and color New York Photography prints are now available online in our online BrooklyNYC ® gallery.

Featured BrooklyNYC ® Artist Daniel A. Norman

Daniel Norman grew up in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and also spent a few years growing up in Clinton Hills. He attended the local schools from P.S. 20, Sat West, Brooklyn Tech, and eventually Brooklyn College. In 1989, at the age of nine, Daniel Norman started on a journey in world of photography that has led to work being included in collection and exhibitions internationally.

Coney Island #2
Coney Island #2

His first international show was a group exhibit at The Istanbul Photography Museum entitled “New Yorker“. This “New Yorkers” show was backed by the U.S. States Department’s Press and Culture Department of the United States Embassy and Fatih Municipality. The show received great reviews and traveled to Galeri Kara in Ankara Turkey. This was going to be Norman’s first exhibition since graduating with his Studio Art degree at Brooklyn College, but while the “New Yorker” exhibit was being coordinated, Daniel received an invitation to be part of a group painting show at the Brooklyn College Art Gallery. The show, “African Diaspora in Brooklyn 2012” was curated by Maria Rand and became Norman’s first Group Exhibition. Norman’s next exhibition was a group exhibition, “Art Takes Times Square“. This exhibition was followed by his work being included in the “Toit Sur Toit” Exposition at the Maison de l’architecture en Île-de-France in Paris. Norman’s love for Brooklyn Photography has been shared around the world.


Brooklyn Photography - Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Photography – The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

What is Brooklyn Photography?

Brooklyn Photography, aside from being taken in Brooklyn, New York is about capturing the energy and style that defines Brooklyn. BrooklyNYC ® encompasses all of the Brooklyn and NYC visual energy. New York Photography is also Norman’s main focus and he’s been working on a street photography project that started in 2007. The difference between New York Photography and Brooklyn  Style Photography can be seen in Norman’s Street Photography images. Brooklyn is under heavy development now, but there is still a different feel on the streets of Brooklyn. Norman’s Brooklyn Photography images show a calmer side of New York City. Brooklyn’s pace is slightly slower than Manhattan’s constant rush.

Brooklyn NYC Photography shows more of a raw side of NYC. There are less tourist in Brooklyn than in Manhattan, so street photographers don’t fade into the background as easily. This makes Brooklyn Street Photography more challenging for a street photographer than other areas of New York City. Brooklyn is also a huge borough, big enough to soon be the 3rd largest city in America if it were it’s own city. Because of this, Brooklyn has it’s own style and energy. The vast size of Brooklyn makes it difficult to represent every neighborhood in the Borough.

 Neighborhood’s for Brooklyn Photography

Rather than trying to travel to all of the different neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Norman’s Brooklyn Artwork focuses on the areas of Brooklyn that he lives in and travels in. Starting from Fort Greene, Brooklyn and going in every direction, there is a new area of Brooklyn to explore. Some of the neighborhoods in which Daniel Norman works on Photography in Brooklyn are:

Coney Island Brooklyn Photography
Brooklyn Photography – Coney Island
  • Fort Greene
  • Clinton Hills
  • Downtown Brooklyn
  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Dumbo
  • Prospect Park
  • Kensington
  • Park Slope
  • RedHook
  • Far Rockaway
  • Williamsburg
  • Bed Sty
  • Coney Island
  • Flatbush
  • Prospect Heights

Where to Buy Brooklyn Photography?

As the interest in anything Brooklyn has skyrocketed the past few years, so has the demand for Brooklyn Fine Art Photography. Even Ikea offers images throughout their store of the Brooklyn Bridge and other New York scenes, but some people would rather support a local artist or have a collectable piece of Fine Art Photography on their wall. These people who are seeking Brooklyn Fine Art Photography might turn to the internet or a Google Search and Google: “Brooklyn Photography”, only to find a list of wedding or portrait photographers, some not even located in Brooklyn, New York. For those seeking exclusive limited-edition Fine Art Brooklyn Photography, we opened the BrooklyNYC ® Photography & Fine Art Gallery. BrooklyNYC ® Photography even has an exclusive section in our online store to Shop Brooklyn Photography

Street Photography - Brooklyn NYC
Street Photography – Brooklyn NYC

Who Buys Brooklyn Photography?

If you are looking for a Brooklyn Gallery for Fine Art Photography or beautiful art to decorate your home, you have found the perfect place. Our museum quality fine art photography prints are archival for several hundred years.

Our Clients include Interior Decorators, Interior Designers, Art Collectors, Home Decorators, Architecture Firms, Law Firms, Dental Offices, Medical Offices, Business Offices, Real Estate Offices, and Hotels Chains. Many of our clients are regular New Yorker’s or Brooklynites looking for some Brooklyn Artwork for their home either because they are from Brooklyn and moved away or just because they love Brooklyn Themed Art and love what Brooklyn and NYC stand for.

Brooklyn Photography #4 full - Classic Brooklyn
Brooklyn Photography #4 – Classic Brooklyn

Made in Brooklyn

Many Photographers travel and venture to Brooklyn and take beautiful images, but the feature visual artist for BrooklyNYC ®, Daniel Normanwas born, raised, and is still a Brooklyn Based Artist and his love for everything Brooklyn is not only reflected in the BrooklyNYC ® Brand name, but in the Brooklyn Photography that he takes pride in creating. All of the Fine Art Photography available at BrooklyNYC ® is MADE IN BROOKLYN.

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